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Hi, I am from the Middle East (oman). Just purchased new 2013 sorento (less than a month), made in korea, 1500 Miles on the clock now. It is 2.4 inline, 174 HP, AWD, Automatic. From the first day, I observe a rough noise (apart from the normal engine noise) while accelerating. No such noise on idle; or when I rev on idle. It happens only when I have to pass thru traffic lights or humps, where I need to slow down or stop and then accelerate again. noise disappears soon as gear shifts up. I never push rpm beyond 3k, still on mild accleration It is like high frequency bike noise, Burrrrrrrr...feels like coming from transmission, sure it is not heat shield. Had gone to service station, but mechanic says everything is normal. Sometimes, I feel it may be just power related issue, perhaps I am demanding bit more from a 174 hp motor. Do all sorentos make such rough noise on accleration? 2.4 version made in korea in particular? Any help plz?.
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