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2014 Kia Optima EX
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I live in Canada and have a Korean made 2014 Kia Optima EX. I'm looking for the right and left lower control arms (PNs. 54501 4R000 & 54500 4R000)

I actually only need the right and left ball joints, but the ball joints on Korean Optimas are part of a one piece ALUMINIUM assembly including the ball joint, bushings etc., and the Canadian dealer price for the assemblies alone is $3,382.33 Cdn including taxes - RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!

I've since found some U.S. suppliers that have OEM parts that are priced much more realistically - Thank G_D!!!

I've been told that the U.S. control arms, made for Optimas made in the U.S., are made of steel, which would obviously be much stronger than those made of aluminum; and that, unlike the aluminum versions, the ball joints on the steel version can be replaced without having to replace the entire assembly.

The U.S. suppliers seem to have OEM assemblies and after market assemblies in both aluminium and steel.

Can anyone please confirm whether the U.S. assemblies (including ball joints, bushing etc) are indeed made of steel; and if so will the fit in my Korean made Optima.

Lastly, any recommendations which way to go - given that quality is my main concern.

Thank you,

Joel Duchoeny
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