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I got my LX V6 AWD on April 2, 2005. My wife and I just love it. It's a great vehicle to drive with car like handling. I can't wait for our first winter snow. I must also compliment our Kia dealership, they were very knowledgable and helpfull. With 1600 km on the clock my fuel consumption were as follows - City driving 7.5 km/l and open road at 110 km/h was 8.8 km/l. I think that's great considering it's a AWD V6 SUV. Having a great warranty and roadside assistance definitely gives us great peace of mind.

Just an update. Almost 8000 km on the clock and still love it. Check engine light came on once. Dealer reset it and blamed it on the fuel cap not tight. I had the ESP software updated due to the recall. 30 minutes later I was on the road. Great dealership support. A great Vehicle
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