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2003 Optima and 2003 Sedona
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I put new tires on the front of my 2003 Kia Optima and ended up with a loud winding noise at 40mph and above - (It does not GROW as the car speeds up like a whirling or gradualy winding from a drive bearing -- just is loud at 40and above.) I do not believe it is engine related because if I put the car in neutral and rev it - and it is not there -- yet it does sound like the engine and the rpms do seem high. (Before you say it - the tires are the right size and same type as I have had since I purchased the veh new.) I changed the left tire first -- and it seemed to start at the same time - so I thought it was because one tire was brand new and the right was on its very last leg -- just making it another 60 days to the inspection, then I replace it - hoping the sound would go away. It did not. Although it started with the tire -- it may have been a COINCIDENCE.

The car has 102k on it. Could it be:
Timing Belts (How much to replace this?)
Shaft Belt - what ever that is? (How much too - From what I have read - I should do these two together??)
Transmission? (V6LX2.6)

Just passed inspection and emmissions.

Oh yeah -- yes my Kia also doesn't allow me to fill the tank over 2 gallons at a time -- but that is another issue altogether. LOL. Someone recommended Purge Valve and told us where it was (Coal can under right rear) but it would help it they posted photos on the how to.
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