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2011 Kia Sorento LX AWD 2.4L
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I have 2011 Sorento LX, AWD

Have only 11K miles on it.

Last 2-3 days I have been experiencing some very unpleasent and scary issues with transmission.

Car seems to drive OK and changes shifts up and down fine while driving.

Issue is happening when car is about to be driven, when gear is shifted from Park to Drive.

1. When gear is put in D, a pretty loud thump is experienced. Like when a transmission mount is damaged or similar.
Weird thing is that it does not happen every time, but last 2 days it has been happening 9 ot of 10 times.
I took it to a local Kia Dealer (in Montenegro EU), but they do not have more then 5 automatic Kias in entire country anyway, so even being friendly, they don't have much experience to actually help.
They don't think it is a mount or any mechanical problem, rather some electronic or computer problem. They put the scan tool on the car, but no faulty codes came from transmission.

2. Sometimes when gear is put into Reverse, the rearview camera and reverse lights on the vehicle are not turned on. The car does go reverse, somehow slower then usual (like it hesitates), but without these ligths on??
This kinda makes me think the local service dept may be on te right path suspecting some electrical/computer problem with or around transmission ?

3. Also, sometimes the doors don't get unlocked when car is parked and put into P. ? (I think all doors used to get unlocked before)

I am about to go to a 9 hrs trip to Croatia and Slovenia (there are 20 Kia services in those 2 countries so hopefully some help will be offered to me), but I though to check with my favorite forum first.

What do you think the issue may be? What could be causing it and is there any DIY fix (like reseting some computers, unhooking negative from battery, etc :):)?


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There is Tech Service Bulletins in North America for this.


This bulletin provides information for TCM software upgrade of some 2011MY Sorento (XM)
3.5L vehicles produced from start of production to August 31, 2010, and some 2011/2012MY
Sedona 3.5L vehicles with automatic transaxles which may experience a shock and clunking
noise when the engine starts after long-term parking.
For confirmation that the latest reflash has been done to a vehicle you are working on, verify
CAL ID using the tables in this TSB.
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