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Kia Ceed 1.6 tdci, 2010
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a tip for those of you out there who have experienced this issue - in my case something weird happened - the weather stayed very dry and warm for about 10 days and the car somehow stopped generating the error - it's been error free for almost 400km now which is unusual. so, i have my own theory now - i assume overtime in humid weather, some water drops might be condensing inside the system, around the contacts of the sensor resulting in sensor miss-fires and errors. the computer handles frequent errors from a system sensor like that by completely shutting down the system after XX number of consecutive errors. so, often clearing the errors will reset the system and make it operable for a while.

anyway this one is nasty and dangerous - i sure hope there's only a handful of us who have experienced it!

good luck to all

Hade the same experience. In my case it clearly has to do with humidity/moist, since the codes that refused to be erased disappeared by themselves arter a night with a heating fan in the coupé. Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix/seal up the system to prevent moist from disturbing the sensors?
21 - 21 of 21 Posts