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I have an issue with my 2004 Picanto. So basically the car seems to have lost power a lot. It absolutely struggles in gear 3 up a hill. I suspect its to do with the fuel pump or fuel filter. But I just want to know what you guys think.

In terms of the exhaust is seem to build a lot of pressure when it is covered from the end. There seems to be look leaks along the pipe and no coloured exhaust smoke.

The engine also seems fine. It is vibrating a little bit more than usual but only slightly. The sound seems normal, with no knocking or anything like that. There is no engine light on. No smells either.

Leaving me to believe that the fuel pump isnt right. The only symptom is the loss of power. No real noticable misfiring etc. The car starts fine and idles fine, does not cut of, and also while testing the clutch the car doesnt really stall any easier then before.
On idle it goes through the full rev range, but it struggles under load as to be expected with the lack of power.

It is not displaying the classic signs of fuel pump failure but I think it is the fuel filter.
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