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Looks like upyourkia is no longer in business what other options for lift?

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What other options for lift?

I know I'm late to the Gen 1 KIA sportage game I've emailed upyourkia twice and got no reply I'm interested in a 2" lift anyone know how to do this? I've read through the 4x4trail lift post but can't find a definite answer and looks like some of the first posts were deleted.

I found a russian company that makes 30mm front and rear spacers but I believe they are made of out polyurethane not sure if thats good or bad. Also can these be simply added to stock suspension components? My main goal is to gain a little more clearance and run 235/17/15's without rubbing.


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I used these guys when i lifted my ranger way back, looks like they have alot of what you need.

and there is on where you are in Mcallen TX.

Well I got an email from UPYOURKIA it looks like they are still in business just having some email trouble. I don't know how to edit my post title to post they are indeed still in business.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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