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Hello there,

We are brandnew on this forum and the reason is: We are thinking about to buy a Sportage.

For my self i drive an Lancia Kappa SW 2.0 5cyl20v. A great car . My wife is driving a Daihatsu Feroza 1.6 16V. Also an nice car BUT:

We are especting our second child and the Feroza with his 3 doors is to smal..... so we went looking for another '4x4' because thats the model of car, my wife like.

It will be an Sportage from 1993 - 1994 we think (if jou look at the prices here in The Netherlands)

We are looking for information about buying Sportages from this age, points we have to look at by buying a Sportage from this age....... what can we espect about rerpairs etc........
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