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So I recently bought a new 2019 Kia Rio, and I'm going to embark on a project where I'll be integrating a secondary (though I may argue primary) computer system into the car. This is kind of an offshoot of a project I was working on for a previous vehicle and decided to gear to my new car.

However, I have found some caveats about buying a new new car...

First, I can't find any technical data about this car online anywhere. I need at least a wiring schematic and most the places I've seen don't even have data for 4th gen Kia Rios. (Or even worse, links to 3rd gen info, which is wrong.) I'm going to be integrating into many, many electrical systems, (mostly through CAN Bus), and replacing/ altering lots of the "human interface" side of things. For example the head unit is probably going to be the first to go, being replaced with a larger touch screen computer that will serve as not only a better Human Interface Device, bit will work as an interface to CAN Bus that I can further direct to another computer (Most likely living in the trunk)

Besides here, I can't even find a proper pin out of the wiring harness going to the Head. (I can pull CAN Bus data from the OBD port, but why if I can just pull it from a centralized location.)

I can't even seem to find a Haynes manual...

So I guess the upshot of my whining is where would I get all my tech stuff at. Do I buy a copy from my dealiship or something?
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