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2010 Kia Sorento XM 4x4
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i looking for the 4wd ECU on my 2010 Sorento XM but cant find it. I have searched many websites, found Pictures and Graphics, but none of them really helped me.

Screenshot_2019-11-11 sxmwd3106d gif (GIF-Grafik, 700 × 677 Pixel).png Screenshot_2019-11-11 954473B000 - Kia Parts Now.png

Had the Fusebox and some panels out to take a look behind it - no ECU.

Screenshot_2019-11-11 Allrad Warnleuchte - SorentoForum net.png

Anyone a idea where this thing is hiding?
I have the Electromagnetic Clutch System, not the electrohydraulic one. (EMC)

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