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Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone knew the mounting depth of the rear speakers to save the the hassle of taking this panel off?
I have switched the route I have planned to take with adding low end sound to my stereo about 100 times now, and have landed on Kicker 10CVT652 6.5 inch shallow mount subwoofers. They only have a top-mount depth: 2-13/16"
I plan to run a line out converter from the connections of the previous speakers and wire them just like a standard subwoofer but mounted in the doors.
I don't mind trimming some plastic inside the mount if necessary but Highbeamz tutorial on rear speaker replacement make the mounting depth look like 3-4 inches easily. I have read that a lot of people are going this route when wanting to add a little something to their stereo. I guess I should be clear that I am not looking to blow the windows out but I do like some bass and these have great reviews.

Another question, I am a little confused about the line out converter. I know that I can run the line out converter stereo by taping into both rear speakers but I feel stereo is a little unnecessary when it comes to low frequencies.( I could be wrong so feel free to school me. :p) But my question is, can I just tap off one speaker and if so how do i use the wires on the line out converter? do i put both positive wires together and negitive wires together and then attach them to the tap? or do I only use one channel? and if I only use one channel, does that mean I only hook up one RCA to the amp, and if I do that will both subs be fed from the amp?
Thanks a bunch for all the help in advanced. Someone please clear the gray areas for me. :confused:

EDIT* Sorry for the typo in the title, I don't think I can change it.
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