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Lil Annoying Problems

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here is acurrent list of all the things on my list for my next service visit. a/c is taking a long time to cool and is very noisey?
2.d/s sideview power mirror will not adjust in
3.rear hatch is hard to close-have to slam trim @ front seat is coming apart
5.interm when turn van on/off can hear noise that sounds like a card in a bicycle tire-the other day when it did it the radio went dead and couldnt be turned back on-has happened since and radio started working again??????????
6.there is a slight tapping/ticking from engine
7.wind noise from d/s window area and d/s window makes a loud pop sometimes when you put it up
8.brakes pulsate at slow speeds-i have never had warped rotors before
my van now has 29k miles on it. i just figured this would be a fun place to compare notes on the small stuff and compare repairs because i dont know about you but my dealer seems to not be able to fix anything!!!!!!!!!!
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1. the A/C soleniod in my sedona was changed as it broke.
3. check for rust under the handle as mine needed to be slammed constantly, and since they repaired the rust and put on the new handle it closes much better. ( I know rust is not the problem, it was just a symptom of the bad handle)
6. my one seems quite noisey especially when cold.
7. my car is always noisy especially with a cross wind.
8. brake pads only seem to last for 10,000-15,000 miles perhaps you have damaged the disks grinding metal on metal. (I don't understand why they do not have disks all round, perhaps a more knowlegable KIA owner such as 1fastkia or kiamech may be able to throw light on that.)
No idea why they don;t do discs all round either, maybe something to do with copying the voyager to get things of the ground :huh:
Later models had slightly larger improved brakes, but still drums on the back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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