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Our Navigation units have the Windows CE operating system. This has been verified to be true. Which it is CE5 or CE6 is yet to be determined. Being that CE6 wasn't mainstream until 2007 I would bet it is CE5.

There are many threads online pertaining to these types of units being able to be unlocked and then run something such as MIO Pocket

MioPocket 4.0 (Unlock for GPS devices)

With this in mind I have tried many of the online solutions to try and get to the CE shell in the Borregos Nav unit. I can get to the Sys Information second screen by touching and holding the globe (off a satelite). This is documented here:

Things I have tried this far have been derived from this thread:

Stock navigation on Hyundai Genesis and Sonata Runs Windows CE

the second link is more important as it pertains the USA head unit. Being that Hyundai owns KIA I am willing to bet the backend is identical but getting there is where it gets tricky.

I have tried everything I know (I am a programmer by trade....) I will gladly write apps for this thing if we can get into it.

What do you say we put our collective minds together and see what we can accomplish!?

Here is one last link that is interesting based on another cousin vehicle:

Test Code / Head Unit Development Thread - Veloster Forum : Hyundai Veloster Forums

41 pages!!!!!

Lets DO THIS!!!!! :)
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