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Less than one month ownership and my first BONEHEAD move

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So - I had to make a night run for some energy drink and gas after a long drive back home from Houston.

Almost into my 4th week of ownership with my Kia Rio - and as it happens this is the first time I have a car port.

Pulled into my spot and if I park with the front of the car facing into the space there is a large solid steel beam supporting the carport structure at my apartment complex. Open my door, and get ready to get out, and holy crap the steel beam is moving! Straight towards my open door.

I panicked and started stabbing for the brake pedal but since it's dark and im twisted sideways in my seat all I was hitting was the clutch. I Hear the crunch and just die a little inside.

move the car back up - the door was forced open about an extra foot past it's "Maximum travel".

*sigh* No visible outside damage just have to push a bit more to close the door. I'm thinking the worst and then I go in for a closer inspection and see this:

After looking at what happened -- even though this SUCKS, this car is engineered WELL. So even after hyper extending the door and making a terrible breaking noise - all that snapped was this little stablizer bar that's mounted in the door itself. Doesn't look like it would cost that much to buy the part, funny enough I have to take the door apart ANYWAY to install some speakers so this should be an easy fix.

The only reason the door is hard to close is because the broken ring piece on the left hand side is bent out and you can see where it's scratched the inside door frame a bit from when trying to close (some slight pressure pushes the door in enough to lock and seal)

After thinking the worst -- I'm very surprised. no external damage, no bent body parts, just a snapped connector door rod.

Funny enough I USUALLY always back into my parking space but was feeling lazy tonight. I'm still getting used to this parking area and realized that it has an ever so slight incline towards the street (hence why i started rolling in the first place)

Be safe and careful guys -- I know this would be MUCH worse had I not found the brake at the last second.
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yeah the insurance route would be pointless to be honest -- I have geico (just got them actually) and there is no way it would cost $500 (my deductible) to fix this.

Did some quick searching - and looks like I could get the part for like $30 dollars. It's the left hand side checker assembly:

FRONT DOOR MECHANISMS(-020701). Fits: Kia | Kia Parts Overstock

Will PM cobra and see what the price is - once you get the door panel off this looks like a 5 minute fix :)
I suppose it it just luck that you parked nose in . . . . in the reverse I could see you getting into greater than deductible territory with ease.
Depends - had i parked my usual way (with nose pointing towards the drive) it would have been kinda a moot point since there is no steel beam on the drivers side in that position.

Even if there was -- It would have dented the door panel and scratched it, but wuold have just pushed the door closer, or worst case ripped off a side mirror.

Either way - it's a lesson learned, and if the part I ordered works out a $22 fix :)

will keep you guys posted and make a thread how to when I fix it (should be in a week or so)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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