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2019 Kia Sorento EX V6
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Hello everyone! So I am coming to the end of my lease on my '16 Sorento and I will probably need to purchase new tires to meet the terms of my lease. Here is the exact language from the lease document:

“You must return the Vehicle with 4 matching tires of equal quality to the originals….When you return the Vehicle, each Vehicle tire must have not less than 1/8th (4/32nds) of an inch (of tread) remaining at its shallowest point.”

It's that "equal quality to the originals" language which is vague and not completely clear to me. What specifically constitutes "equal"?

So the question is can I just purchase 4 new, el cheapo brand, OR should I spring for a brand new set of tires that came on the car originally (Kumho Crugen Premium KL33), OR try to find 4 matching USED tires with more tread??

FYI, I am not keeping the car beyond the term of the lease. And those Kumho tires are neither very good nor very inexpensive. Just trying to save some money here as the car and dealership have both been a huge PITA for 2+ years that I've been in the vehicle.

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
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