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Girlfriend was complaining about her car so i thought id take it for a drive. I never ride in her car and whenever we go anywhere together its in my car. First thing i noticed whenever i started it was the ticking noise......i checked the oil and there was none.....*gritting my teeth* i drained about 1/2 qrt from the pan and changed the filter......a week later while outside smoking I decided to check the oil.....again none. So I added oil and added an dye to the motor. I let the car run for close to 8 hours in the garage (garage door open of course), Crawled underneath it and checked to see if i could find a leak (since there was no oil on the driveway i was assuming it was burning it but i wanted to be sure). It was leaking from EVERYWHERE!!! Front crank seal, rear main valve cover gasket......and so on and so being the car junkie i am i decided the best thing to do was pull the motor and start cleaning everything up start over from scratch new gaskets from top to bottom and a good cleaning on the cylinder head and cams...I started taking the car apart and when i pulled off the valve cover i almost passed out.

Now i have the head off the motor, so now all i have left to do is pull the motor and tranny out, BUT i have a problem. Does anyone know of any places to rent an air compressor? OR does anyone know of a way to get the axle nuts off? I am almost to the point of cutting them off, because i can not figure out a way to get them off. I havent a clue as to what they are torqued to but im assuming by all the weight i have put on them to pull them off its alot more than the average axle nut.
So a place to rent a compressor or maybe a lil trick to get the nut off would greatly be appreciated.
I am used to working on cars with air tools and having everything there available for me, like all my tools and shop manuals if i get caught in a tight spot. No one at my job knows anything about KIAs so I am pretty much on my own on this one. I dont know everything there is to know about cars or I wouldnt be here. Sure my title is technician at my job but I am still learning. I have pulled the motor on my mustang a couple times prior to this, but my Mustang is a 5.0 and ALOT different than this korean car :D

p.s. sorry for the novel :57:
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