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leaking thermostat

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had to take the new thermostat out after barely 5 days because it started gushing - has anyone put one in on this car? I don't know if the problem is the gasket on the thermostat because it seems like there is already one on the plastic outlet pipe
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so i found this on the internet....interestingly this isn't mentioned in the repair manual


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the solution turned out to be even simpler - as we bought the car without a thermostat I didn't realize this gasket was missing - the same gasket costs $3 at kia dealer and $10 at hyundai dealer


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edit: ok turned out it wasn't leaking

adding that gasket seems to have solved the leaking issue
well here i am back again with leaking thermostat housing......anyone got any tips? water pump gasket maker?

i know that taking the thermostat out completely resolves the leak issue but I also feel like that's a bad solution

to be clear the car came without a thermostat - a fact we found out when we went to replace it

trying to put a thermostat in without the gasket results in a leak as there is nothing centering the thermostat on the housing without a gasket there ......with the gasket it wasn't leaking for a while but now it is

maybe blue rtv on the 2 bolts? water pump gasket maker on the gasket?
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