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98 Honda CR-V, 08 GMC CC, 96 Camry Coupe V6, 11 Kia Sportage EX AWD
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The wife's informed me yesterday morning that a CEL came on on her Sportage.

It was the down hill decent, and Traction control lights.
She called the dealership and was given a 3pm appointment. Pretty quick IMO.
The CEL's went off before she arrived and she called me wanting to blow off the appointment, but I told her to take it in anyways. I figured they would use the ole under warranty "can duplicate" excuse, but to my surprise they, they took it back to their shop, found the problem, (defective brake switch) fixed it! She was home by 4 pm.

NO CHARGE, NO GAMES, NO BS!! I very impressed with this vehicle, KIA and the service we've received at our Dealership in the last 2yrs 4mos, and 21,700! :D
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