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Went on KAI website and found a set of Carbon Fiber and Stainless K badges to fit front and rear. Luckily I wait till I had the parts in hand. The rear was a great fit, the front however wasn't even close. I emailed some joker named James, explained the fitment issue to him, and he was totally aware that the front badge was not an exact fit, he told me I was being far too picky , imagine that- I wanted a part that actually fit, shame on me!!! After several emails back and forth and being berated for wantingna part that fit, he agreed to to send me an RMA , I also insisted that they send me a post paid return label. They finally did, I sent the parts back imeditatly ...after several more emails from my end and the threat to call Paypal and file a dispute/claim against has taken 5 weeks for this whole debacle to work it self out.
So BUYER very careful of this outfit, they also do bussines as Sherwood Industries as well....very shady outfit....
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