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'15 Kia Sedona SX
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Supposedly the used-car market is quite tight right now, so I surfed on over to KBB, and I'm pleased to report:

2015 Kia Sedona SX @ 52,000 miles, current KBB value: Trade-in: ~$16,000 (range: $15k-$17k); "private party" (retail): ~$18,000 (range: $17k-$19k).
Note: Most dealers use NADA or Manheim (non-public), so, KBB requires a grain of salt. For further reference:
  • NADA: $16k trade-in ($19,2k retail)
  • Consumer Reports: $16k ($18k)
  • Carfax: Only $13k trade-in; ($16,6k retail)
  • TrueCar: $15,3 "True Cash Offer"
  • CarGurus: Only $11k trade-in; $17k if sold through CarGurus (Hmmm.... do I smell a little vested interest in a low trade-in maybe? [Answer: Yes, I smell a little...])
  • Similarly, Edmunds says $13,8k trade-in but ~$18k cash offer (!!!) Order by midnight tonight!
    • Of course, this offer is from their partner, CarMax, so, color me skeptical.
How can depreciation work to your benefit? Example:
2015 Kia Sedona SX original MSRP: $35,165 (6/2015)
My all-in CPO purchase price: $21,800* (purchased 7/2018; 21k miles)
Note: That's nearly a 40% reduction on a premium trim with only 21k miles, highlighting once again that a lightly used Kia can be one of the best deals on the planet!
*Original lessee was upside down in prior lease, rolled the negative into the Sedona, which helps explain why the dealer could sell so cheap: It had already sucked huge profit out of the van! That and it sat on the lot for 3 months.

2016 Sedona SX
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You got a great deal! I purchased mine new with the extended warranty so I should probably keep it for a while. Still paying $373/mo on 0% interest.

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