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Hello - hoping a fellow Kia owner may be able to offer some guidance here

The air conditioning on my 2013 Kia venga stopped working recently - whilst in for its (very expensive ::crying::) service today I asked them to take a look as unlikely to need a recharge so early on
They've come back and said its a damaged condenser and not covered under the bumper to bumper 'no surprises' warranty (funny that!) - they claim the damage appears to have been caused by a bird flying into the front grill :eek:

Now I'm no expert but I'm assuming it would've needed to be a pretty large bird to cause damage- equally a very dainty bird to do so without damaging the front grill :huh:

Other half thinks it looks more like corrosion going by the photos they've sent

So would you go to another Kia service centre for a second opinion or go straight to KIA?

I am reluctant to pay another wedge of money for something that i truly believe should be covered under warranty :(
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