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Kia Trail’ster Concept Doubles up on Powertrains

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Kia pulled the wraps off of a new concept car in Chicago today, previewing a possible off-road capable version of the Soul.

The Trail’ster concept is based on the Soul, but with an extra 2.5 inches of ground clearance, aluminum skid plates to protect the under-body and an unusual powertrain that offers highly capable, but efficient all-wheel drive. It wears Pirelli Winter Carving tires that are 245 millimeters wide all around and meant for offering traction over sketchy surfaces like snow and mud.

Kia refers to its newest concept as a means for people who live in cities to escape their crowded environment in favor of spending time outside. Accordingly, the roof has a retractable cloth panel that offers some of the characteristics you might expect in a convertible.
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