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Hi all,

I am considering taking my Sedona 2.9 CRDi from the UK over to the USA and then along the Pan American Highway from Canada to Chile.

I've had the vehicle from new and apart from getting through a lot of wheel bearings in the past 18months (and 35,000 miles) I've been really happy with it. I've also spent a lot time towing things such a large trailers (double axel) fully loaded and also my caravan from the UK to southern Germany!

My question is, that in researching the trip it seems, not surprisingly, that some of the roads in Central and South America are less than 'flat'!! So, is there some sort of suspension upgrade for the Sedona's, or can someone point me at a good source of custom suspension in either the UK or Bavaria (stronger springs/gas shocks etc.) that I could try before attempting this and ending up broken down in the middle of nowhere?? Also I suppose that stronger drive shafts wouldn't go amiss either!!

And yes, I know that the Sorrento would be a better choice of vehicle for this type of trip (especially since I'll have some sort of caravan or trailer on the back), but I've already bought the Sedona!! :)


PS Has anyone driven one of these in slightly offroad conditions and how did it fair?

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We have a Kia Carnival petrol. They don't have the diesel here in Aussie.

I recently did a camping holiday with towing heavily laden trailer.
The roads were marked as 4wd recommended.

I have come out of it with mixed feelings.
In one sense, am impressed with the gutsy willingness of the big beast.
But the petrol lacks power up hills.
Doing 40km/hr up even a bitumen hill is slow. Over the rough stuff you never work up from first or second gear.
And make certain the aircon is off going up the steep hills !
And watch the temp gauge - gets hot quick if working hard in the hot climate.
eg spinning wheels up gravel slopes !

Oh, Any hills/slopes with loose gravel will stop ya dead.
Just no traction with a heavy trailer on behind.
We got stuck & had to wait for a four wheel drive to catch up & tow us up.
And yes, I did shred the front tyres totally.
They were low on tread anyways. And I noticed the new tyres helped a lot.
But gravel will spin the tyres on a hill every time. Same hill without gravel - just rev
it up in first gear no problem usually - with a little runup !

And I suspect I've done some damage to the engine mounts/front suspension as well.
Just must not be tough enough. Rough cornering with front wheel drive overstressing
the weight factor I guess.

So, you'll be punishing your vehicle if towing off road.

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Hello Road Trip,

Wow! when I read your post, I almost bought a ticket and would encorage your sence of adventure.

The Sedona is a forgiving beast but IMHO the Sedona, ( and I'm assuming an auto')is most unsuitable for this type of trip.

The diesel unit its self is as tough as nails and treated right, so is the transmision but unless it's smoothe driving most of the way you need a minimum of a manual transmision for such a trip.

4WD would ease things but not required.

I agree a great towing/loading vehicle.

Would diesel be readily available?

What tyres would you fit?

IMO, the Sedona rides to low and that's for British roads.

Gosh, just thinking about your trip fills me with excitement but please let common sense prevail, not in a Sedona, at least not without some major customising.

To answer your question in short, there are no available aftermarket gas shocks or springs available for the Sedona.

If you look under the Front Strut post, ( page 10 ), the subject of springs is briefly discused today.

Not as aftermarket but I see no reason why you couldn't have springs made.

Altho' a better choice I'm not sure I would recommend a Sorrento either.
Keep us informed
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