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Kia Sportage from March 2012 full modified:

- Front Grill ( Fluxion & Bliss )
- Front Bumper add with LED's ( Fluxion & Bliss )
- Side Steps
- Back Bumper ( Fluxion & Bliss ) was to big and large, had to adapt it, lost a lot of money ( not satisfied from supplier ( Korean Auto Import )
- Wheels ETA BETA 20 inch
- End Exhaust from Bastuk
- Modification in September from 205 HP to 212 HP

Hi guy's,

You have to be informed that I bought all the kits and accessories from Korea and no warranty that works when received, no luck with FNB because the Back Bumper was not adapted to my car and when I called the guy's from Korean Auto Import, they only told me to see General Conditions and no money back!

I also want you to know that I am not so satisfied with Kia because for the price I paid my Sportage, there was other cars with much more options and better brands for slower prices!

Now I will keep my Sportage as long as it will not cost a lot to make a normal check ups, when it will benign to be expensive then I will change it!


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