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Hi all...I am having similar problems and hoping someone can help. My biggest issue with my 20011 Kia Sportage is that it has no pickup what-so-ever. It feels as though the transmition is not allowing me to go past 3rd gear! I have a horrible time getting up to speed when entering the highway, and hills...well, lets just say that I am very happy once I finally make it up- as I often go beyond the concern for the lack of speed and my concern turns to fear that I may stall!! Somone was going to replace the spark plugs for me, however, he found that they are underneath the engine! Am I crazy? Or isnt there an easier way to do this? Also, is there possibly something else I can look into working on so that at the very least I can get to 65mph in UNDER 7 minutes for highway driving...?
Thanks for any help you can lend
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