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Originally posted by sams@Jul 6 2005, 08:12 AM
Hi all...I am having similar problems and hoping someone can help. My biggest issue with my 20011 Kia Sportage is that it has no pickup what-so-ever. It feels as though the transmition is not allowing me to go past 3rd gear! I have a horrible time getting up to speed when entering the highway, and hills...well, lets just say that I am very happy once I finally make it up- as I often go beyond the concern for the lack of speed and my concern turns to fear that I may stall!! Somone was going to replace the spark plugs for me, however, he found that they are underneath the engine! Am I crazy? Or isnt there an easier way to do this? Also, is there possibly something else I can look into working on so that at the very least I can get to 65mph in UNDER 7 minutes for highway driving...?
Thanks for any help you can lend
If it has excess of 30K miles the spark plugs are due for replacement. You can find the procedure here:
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