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In production since 1993, the Sportage has been one of KIA’s bestsellers for over 20 years. And this is no wonder taking into account its stylish design, reliability, high driver and passenger comfort, rich safety and entertainment features, etc. Although, just like with any other vehicle, there is always a fly in the ointment. When it comes to the Sportage, there are some engine and transmission problems, as well as several brake system, exterior, and interior issues you should be aware of and ready to deal with.

1. Engine Problems
All of KIA Sportage’s engine lineups have proved themselves as reliable, fuel-efficient, and powerful. However, engine failures and breakdowns may happen. The most common ones among them are excessive oil consumption, misfires, and stalling. Depending on the symptoms, the root of the problem may vary from poor spark plugs to failed engine sensors and worn-out piston rings.
2. Transmission problems
Transmission failures are usually costly to repair but, unfortunately, may happen if you drive the Sportage. As a rule, the cause of the problem is a failing torque converter that makes the transmission slip, especially when operating under load.
3. Brake system problems
The brake system is one of the most essential safety features found in any vehicle. The Sportage is no exception. Overall, its brake system is very reliable; however, a squealing noise caused by low-quality or worn-out brake pads can make you get into a bad mood.
4. Interior and exterior quality issues
The root of most interior and exterior quality issues, like a cracked headlight lens or losing color door handles, is poor craftsmanship. Fortunately, most of them are easy to fix by taking your SUV to a good body shop.
5. Suspension problems
The Sportage utilizes a body-on-frame construction, which is lighter than a unibody one. On the other side of the coin, it is less durable and prone to suspension failures, such as shock and strut breakdowns.
6. Turbocharger problems
A turbocharger is a relatively new feature to the Sportage and not the most reliable one. They are prone to premature failure, causing the engine to lose power.

Beyond a doubt, the Sportage is one of the best budget-friendly compact crossovers that money can buy. It is stylish, reliable, safe, and comfortable; however, it is prone to breakdowns like any other vehicle. If something goes wrong, Truck&Gear has you covered with top-quality KIA Sportage parts and accessories at reasonable and fair prices. Visit the Truck&Gear website to find out more about our products and services.

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