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Kia Sportage Gen 1 suspension lift information

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Hey guys,
Just picked up a 2002 Kia Sportage 4x4 and wanted to do the 3" lift. From everything I've gathered on the interweb, Everetts UPYOURKIA route seems best. Currently though when I go that route for information, I'm taken to, which seems to be down AND seems to be down as well. Also, seems like most information I'm gathering is from over a decade ago. I'd like to use this post to get a list together of up-to-date OEM part numbers and information on what we need for the rear and front lift options and get expert confirmation on those numbers. This will make ordering parts easier for others.

3" rear suspension lift
Jeep 104AA TJ Springs, (updated OEM number 52089103)
99' RAV4 rear shock absorber, (updated OEM number 4853149275), any modifications needed?

4" rear suspension lift
Jeep 106AA TJ Springs, (updated OEM number ?)
Rear shock absorber ?, (updated OEM number ?)

I also have noticed lots of front lift options on Ebay LINK coming from Ukraine, either urethane or aluminum. Are these reliable enough to include on this list for front options? Any other information on front lifts needed here? Does UPYOURKIA still make front lift parts?

I know I'm really late to the party here, but with this economy, any vehicle that made it through cash-for-clunkers is being put back on the road and these forums are helping. If there is an expert on here that can fill in the blanks from above this should provide some good information for others, especially if 4x4wire is permanently down.

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