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Hi evryone i am a newbie, so apologise if this goes into the wrong thread but desperate is an understatement.

I have a Kia sportage on a w reg 2000 petrol and has only got 84000 on the clock.

went to london a month ago everything fine went upto around 90mph engine light came on, dropped speed to 70mph light went off. approached 85 -90mph again same happened, so didn't go over 70mph light stayed off.

then it started to feel like it was constipated when pressing accelerater. when i got back took car to exhaust garage, just as i thought cat had gone.

replaced but still same problem sounding like it is running on 3 cylinders. passed it onto a mechanic i know changed coil packs was some oil in 1 of the cylinders, changed plugs. still the same but sounds ok when ticking over.

took it to Kia they said the coil packs are not OE and the computer is not reading ecu, so they put OE coil packs on. they also put OE plugs in after spending £300 quid with them and they apparently have plugged every pc they have, and they still could not find the fault and no fault codes.

so back to my Mechanics house, he has checked the timing and that is all ok

so to sum it all up it has had the following. still runs like its on 3 cyl be lucky to get 30 mph out of her.

New OE coil packs
New OE spark plugs
Compression tested
Timing is spot on
Cat been changed so all the exhaust is new

Now been made redundant so need the car for interviews coming up dont know what else to try that isnt going to cost a fortune !!!

Really apologise for blabbing on just wanted to give you all a Full explanation so hopefully will speed things up.

Was told by Kia that it had a air flow meter replaced at some point. would this be worth changing ????

Thank you in advance, really would appreciate some techy advice


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Welcome to the forum.

re: Oil in (1) of the cylinders - that doesn't sound too good.

What was the compression of this cylinder vs. the other (3)? Did the mechanic do a dry compression reading and wet compression reading?

Have you pulled the Spark plug for this cylinder and examined it? Is it dry? oil-fouled? if oil-fouled, clean up the plug and see if the situation improves..

Sportys are known for the valve cover gaskets leaking oil into the spark plug well, which can/will affect ignition components, including the lead that connects from the coil packs at the back of the motor.

Recommend checking that lead, including all spark plug wires / HT leads for any signs of carbon tracing inside the spark plug boots (will look like lines or rings "burned in" where the boot goes over the ceramic insulator of the plug..)

But start back w/ basics:
Verify all fuses in the engine compartment fuse box and passenger cabin fuse box are intact, check for continuity with a digital multimeter..

Verify all ground points are connected and clean, the engine has a good ground strap attached,

Verify you are getting good voltage at the passenger cabin fuse box, both with key off and key on / engine off,

Locate and cleanup the fuel pump ground ring,

Locate and cleanup the ECM ground point,

If still no joy w/ connecting to the ECM, consider possibility the ECM is damaged -> causing the issue, ** BUT VERIFY YOU HAVE GOOD GROUND AND POWER (+12v) to the ECM connector ** before considering a replacement ECM...

I'm across a very big pond, and haven't seen your Sporty. Print and discuss above with your trusted mechanic..

Hope this helps.


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Thx Gotta Cruise, will get them points checked, it was cleaned out and new plugs fitted with new coil packs and leads,and has had a new rocker cover gasket fitted. compression test on all cylinders was ok apparently. but will look at earth straps, there seems to be good power, starts first turn of the key and sounds ok whilst ticking over, just when you start to drive it is when you realise there is a problem. thanks again for the input and i will let you all know how we get on. only other option is to sell as it is but im not really in a position to add more money with losing my job.

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You might want to clean/replace the MAF (mass air flow) sensor that is located in the large rubber air hose. Had a 96 Mercury Mystique (similar to Ford Contour) that did the same thing...the MAF was bad... Replaced it and problems went away.
Also the #1 problem with KIAs the timing belt may have missing teeth and may have "slipped" timing... At 84k on the "clock"/odometer this is a real possibility...
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