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I would like to say hello yo all kia spectra owners. pewrhaps someone may be able to help me. I have owned a new kia spectra since February 2003. From the outset the brakes have been substandard initially the dealer would not accept tthat there was a problem eventually after much haggling they did.
They then worked on the brakjes to the point that the master cylinder was replaced, the brakes are still not good. The dealer now says that they will contact all the dealers in Australia if they have a solution to the problem and if this does not initiate a reply then a world wide at6tempt at contacting dealers to see if any other dealer has had tyhe same problem and what they did to overcome. They can offer me no time for this investigation. In the meantime i have a vehicle that has sub-standard brakes.
If there is another Kia spectra owner/mechanic/dealer who knows of the problem and how to repair it i would dearly love to hear from you.
Beyond that i have no other problems wit the vehicle
All the best to all spectra owners
yours john may
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