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I have alittle over 8,000 miles on my Spectra, and thus far I am very pleased with its performance. I just returned from a 3400 mile vacation to Florida, and traveled Interstate 95 all the way down. The car ran just great, and the 4 cyclinder, to my surprise, appeared to have the power of a V-6, with outstanding gas mileage. The car was very comfortable, it was a long drive, but very pleasant. All total there were four adults and loaded full, but the car seemed to show absolutely no problems with all the weight I was carrying. I use 93 Oct gas, (bp) and averaged 34-38 MPG on the open highway. There were no problems keeping up with today's very fast pace on the open highway. I am 60 years old and owned many cars, but this KIA is the best I've ever owned. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at ([email protected]). My friends call me Mac. One last important thing: It was very windy, but the Spectra appeared to be not effected by the strong winds and cut right through with ease. I had no trouble keeping it on the road. I am very pleased with the KIA Spectra CSX.
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