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Pat said:
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I am hoping to find out any information I can on Kia's. I am looking at the new Mini Van or the SUV...I now own a Honda Civic and have had a new granddaughter so I need more room...I have 4 grandchildren and want to make sure I buy something safe and reasonable...So I am looking for any information you guys can give me...Thanaks so much for your help...Pat :)
Kia Sedona is perfect for grandparents!!! Why?

It has 10 year and 100,000 miles powertrain waranty and 5 year 60,000 unlimited repair and tow service, and most senior people drive "few mileage", and that is to say, you would be well cover for a long while.

It is also very heavy and safe and comfortable, and, of course, it cost much less than other vans that senior people would feel more comfortable.

Honda Civic is a good car, but seems to be for young students who is curious of everything and may drive hundreds of thousands miles to explore all over the places, so gas efficient and compact is important.

Tracy's husband Peter is senior mechenics, often bought used Honda Civic, especially of color red, to certify (i.e. replace break, tire ...etc) and resell to young people to make profit.

For senior people, Kia Sedona is like a good friend, very reliable helper, and when you drive on highway, the gas become twice efficient, once you set on cruise, you feel everything is so smooth.

While some BIG SIZE people complain the 3rd row of Kia Sedona is hard to get in and out, I have found for kids, it is perfect. My kids can get in and out with their backpack no problem.
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