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I've recently bought, a second hand Kia Sedona L. 2.9 2006

It's got a roof mounted DVD player in it.
The previous owner knew nothing about it, had never used it becaus eit never came with the headphones when he bought it off someone else.

I have no manual or anything.

The DVD player works, it switches on, and plays DVDs no problem. But obviously, I cannot hear anything.
I've seen the headphones for sale, thats fine, BUT, I would love to have the option of sound coming through car speakers. On the DVD player, there is a button with a speaker on it, when I press it, it says 'Headphones only' and the other option is ' Speakers enabled'. But still, no sound from speakers with this option.

Do I have to buy wires and wire something up myself?
I've tried looking for FM station just in case it had an FM transmitter built in, but nothing.

I've attached photo of the DVD player I have. Please, if anyone can help, I would be VERY greatful. Thank you!


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