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Hi you all!
Just today I've join the Kia Forum and three days ago I've bought a
KIA Sedona 2004
I'd like to ask you few questions concerning my new car functionality:

#1. DVD stacked
I've noticed that the DVD player existing installed on the car, under the driver's seat, is not working. More precisely: the tray is not sliding out when the EJECT/OPEN button is pressed; is there a way to make it happen mechanically [to open the tray]?
And I've notice that when I've bought the car the POWER red indicator of the player was red; but today [Thue., Nov. 22] the red indicator was off and despite of all my attempts to push continuously the POWER button it stays off...
I want to mention that in the dashboard CD player is a CD; it could be a connection between the functionality of the two?

#2. Scanning the engine with an OBD II reader it came out a single ERROR CODE: P0431. If I'm not wrong it's about a oxygen sensor on Bank2. Can anyone tell me [step-by-step if possible, please...] how it is supposed to be replaced/changed and to indicate me a link [or many] where I can buy such a sensor at a REASONABLE price?

#3. Steering wheel
I've noticed from the very beginning [the drive-test] that it's an odd behavior: after a straight driving, when I want to take a turn [left or right - it doesn't matter] the steering wheel becomes a little bit "stiffy" when I turn it, but after less than a quarter of a turn of it it acts normally; the same time, related to the same issue, I've noticed that after the turn was taken the steering wheel doesn't "tend" to straighten at all as it happened on the other card that I've been driven in the past.
My QUESTION is: this is a "normal" behavior on such a KIA model, or I do have a problem with my steering system? [take note that on a visual inspection the steering wheel fluid level was in NORMAL parameters]


PS: By the way, I do live in Canada, in Montreal Area.

2000 Kia Sportage & 2004 Kia Sedona
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.. my wife's '04 Sedona was doing the same thing .. was driving me crazy until the tensioner pully for the belt that drives the alt/power steering completely fell off .. replaced the pully (easy enough to do after watching the video on youtube) and she drives like new ..

.. the tell-tale for this was the intermittent rattle and the power steering acting up .. no one could tell us what that rattle was .. apparently it was the bearing on the old pully having already failed or was failing .. luckily it didn't chew up the mounting bolt on it's way out ..

.. we did not get a charging/battery light until the pully fell off completely .. I would have expected some problems there before a total failure, but apparently not ..

.. you can see the pully down the right/passenger side of the engine .. and you can access it by removing the right front tire and then the tire dam/shield (a few bolts and three of those lousy plastic quicksnap things) ..

.. very simple to replace .. if that's the issue .. the main NAPA in our area has/had the parts in stock .. new belt and pully cost about $78.00 USD iirc ..

.. best of luck ..
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