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2003 Sedona 2.9 Diesel Auto - currently available onn e-bay for £350+; 2007 Sedona 2.9 Diesel Auto
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This message is for the new owner of LB57GPO or anyone else with the same problem: The engine stalls when making a sharp turn, entering a roundabout, or making a turn at a road junction - all the places where you really don't want it to stall.
Kia diagnostics found nothing - even after writing to the CEO of Kia! Also tried other local diagnostics experts of good reputation - again, nothing showed up.
All suggested replacing the fuel pump (£1,000+ !) but with no assurance that it would solve the problem.
The Cruise Control never worked until one day I happened to start the engine, revved it up, and then switched OFF the ignition; and then rapidly back ON again whilst the engine was still running - Hey Presto!! no more stalling and cruise control works!!
Discussed with Kia & other diagnosticians who suggested I just keep flicking the ignition switch twice every time I start the engine.
So, new owner of LB57GPO - Hope you get this!! Good luck!
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