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hi, i need some help and advise off anybody willing to give it. we have an 07 sedona 2.9 LS. since we have had it it makes a really bad tappit noise and worse when cold any ideas?.
three weeks ago we went to over take and as we pulled out we lost power there was nothing more in it and the engine check light was on ran a bit ropey for a while then fine (that was scary) local kia said dodgy fuel he cleared the diagnosit number and off we went. about a week ago then same thing again, all off a sudden theres no more power and it runs really badly. so went to another dealer they said nothing comes up on the machine.
this week again on the motorway went to over take and loss of power again, engine check light comes on and runs ropey?.
so back to the 2nd dealer i have told them i dont want it back until they find the problem. the mechnic used it over night he said no probs.
the other thing it has started doing about 3 weeks ago is as you are going up the gears and accerating it jerks like theres not enough fuel going through.
i think it could be to do with the fuel system/fuel pump or injectors etc maybe im wrong but its not right and i dont feel safe driving it.
has anybody else heard of this at all?.
any ideas?.



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Then noise the engine mades when cold (is it a grinding noise - like a chain is loose?), sounds like the Timing Chain Tensioner problem. This is a VERY common problem on the 3.8L engines at least, and should be fixed under warranty.

The check engine light and reduced power sounds like "Limp Home Mode" to me.
Check out this TSB: KT2007103002

Can you take it to another dealer?

Good Luck!
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