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Kia rondo 2016 audio unit installation

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Hi, i recently had an issue where my audio unit did not turn on, checked all fuses related to the system, i have voltage ground and acc going to the unit correctly, after 20 minutes of driving around the unit turns on. My question here is, what dash kit do i need to replace my audio unit for an aftermarket one, and where to buy it. I am located in quebec canada. Thank you
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You just have to do a basic search for "car stereo dash kit 2016 Kia Rondo"

2016 Kia Rondo Stereo & Video Installation Parts — as an example.

I can see why you ask that because I wasn't able to get any good results that particularly inspired confidence. Where is the one for a single-DIN aftermarket? Normally you'll see obvious custom-made trim pieces to fit the unique outline of the factory one, and then a slender perfectly rectangular shape cut out in the middle for a tight fit on a new, modern unit.

Alternate solution is to get another factory original unit from a few sources, whether eBay, Amazon, or a local parts yard (which can be searched with

You might also consider it could be a weird wiring issue with a loose harness or metal contacts that expand just enough to work once they warm up or get enough vibration to seat into place after 20 minutes of driving.
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