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2007 kia rio5/2013 kia Rio LX Sedan
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hi all
I have a kia rio5 2007 1.6L L4 (109,000 miles ) and my front struts and rear shocks need to be replaced. my mechanic tells me that i should buy the quick struts or complete strut assembly for the front. so when i look online to purchase my struts or even when i check at local parts stores it looks like they dont sell the quick strut or complete strut.

i was going to buy my struts from amazon but when i look at the pics it doesnt look like these struts are a complete strut. and some site advise installing a strut mount kit when replacing struts
when you purchase a complete strut isnt the strut mount kit included ?

any suggestions as to where i can buy a set of quick struts or complete strut set for my kia ? dealer is not a option as these are $210.00 each
any idea when i can find a pic of my quick strut on my kia ?

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