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what can I say

I Bought a brand new Kia Rio in 2002

10 mins after delevery it was back at the dealers with complaints about a serious vibration.

About a week later I complain to them again about horrendous handling and am asked by their service manager ... "what, have you never driven a front wheel drive before?". (not really, only the past 10 years :angry:). Then they try to tell me that this is just the way that they handle. Deal with it! (oh and they added "we can do you a great deal on a suspension upgrade" ... yeah like I'm gonna pay for new suspension on a 1 month old car cause factory suspension is sh*t! whatever!)

so I tell them they are useless twits, go to a suspension specialist, get a wheel alignment and find it has 6 degrees toe out!! So much for predelivery!!

14 months later the useless dealer finally manages to get rid of the vibration (well reduce it to a point where i dont want to deliver the car back to them in supository form) by replacing the wheels and tyres.

Meanwhile they (Kia Australia) dropped the RRP of the thing by about 30% so not only does it handle like a bag of the SH** but I cant sell the thing for anything like what I bought it for.

I have had to roof lining fall out of it, lining in the boot falling off numerous times. They tried to fix it with self tapping screws :wacko:, the cd player died

So now I am stuck with a vehicle in excellent condition which I cant stand to drive, rotting in the garage, worth 25% what I paid for it and I'm still paying off the finance on it.

whatever you do, dont buy one of these piecs of cr*p. you'll get burned badly :

very :angry: Swaddo
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