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2013 Rio EX 1.6 hatchback
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My 2013 rio EX steering wheel controls started to act weird after the 3rd or 4th year. Volume up/down activated voice control, mute button sometimes worked as mode, etc. Also, the cruise control + button sometimes did cancel it, so using it became really frustrating. I've seen at least a dozen of threads related to this issue regarding this problem, so it's clearly an endemic problem to this car. Even though I purchased a new set for around $60, I still had the old controls lying around, so I decided to take them apart and check for potential problems.

As in most cars, the steering wheel controls are resistive, having each button a different value that the stereo/ecu reads. Being the controls working as a different one the most common issue, the problem usually will be defective push switches or something conductive messing up the resistance values.

After disassembling the controls I noticed 2 different issues. First, a lot of molten grease applied from factory to the plastic moving parts was all over the place. Switches, PCB, etc. Also, there was a good amount of soldering flux residue over the connector pins. Most soldering flux types are non conductive so this shouldn't be an issue, but the flux residue had also grease over it.

I decided to clean the four pcbs using a generous amount of CRC contact cleaner, cleaning the flux residue with a brush and pressing the switches repeatedly while they had cleaner inside. After letting them dry for a while and assembling them again, they worked flawlessly. I have been using them over a week with no issues. Here are some photos of the process:

Clean pcbs:

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