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Kia Rio Mods & accessories

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It seems the U.S got the basic automatic Rio hatch without the goodies. I'll like to upgrade, improve and make my 2022 Rio more appealing with time.
What do you guys recommend I should add? What have you guys changed or added to your Rio?

Some mods/accesories on my list are :
-Blind spot mirrors
-short ram intake or cold air intake
-exhaust system
-windshield banner
-window visors
-trailer hitch
- Front tow hook
-17in wheels
-Fog lights
- custom shift knob
-weathertech floor liners
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Mine came with tint but I upgraded wheels and lug nuts. Still 15” though. Added a front tow hook also. I’ve gone back and forth on fog lights lol. Not sure if I want them. Exhaust would have to be custom. Our are all welded so bolt one won’t work. I’ve thought about making a intake because almost nothing is offered. I have also done the air box mod. Taking out the snorkel and ducts on the side of the air box. Not sure if it added any power, probably not but it gives it a little sound.
Where did you buy your tow hook? What size is it?

Are your fog lights aftermarket? I haven't found aftermarket fog lights for the 2022 U.S hatch version.
Found the tow hook on Amazon. I’ve found a few different places for fog lights. Just not sure if I want them. Lol. I keep going back and forth. I don’t have them. Just found a few places I could get them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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