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Kia rio 2005
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Here is my message,
I just had this idea to going turbo
(like 5-7 psi) with my rio but i dont
Want to go in major modification. I
Saw on other forum the kia rio engine
Can take 5 psi of boost with out
Changing anything. So here is my plan
Buy a turbo kit on ebay at 500$, buy a
Origin manifold and weld a flange on it
For the turbo, put a civic radiator for
More place and put a 2.25 exhaust.
But do i need to change the injector
Or the pump gaz? The computer is it
Programmable? I just want to reach
The 150-160 hp instead of 104hp.

Thanks a lot for helping me in all my
Question and sorry for my poor english
Because my language is french.

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You will need bigger injectors, although I'm not sure where you could get them.
The computer isn't tuneable as far as I know, You will need an aftermarket system to tune it.
You will need a higher flowing fuel pump.
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