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Hi Everybody,

I have bought a Kia Rio 2003 recently.

So i have a error code P0455 and Check Engine Light :), and i have read a lot of topics and web sites to result my problem.

But error code come back anytime with I have clear error (not directly but 200 km after)

I have proceed to multiple action:
- Change GAS CAP => check engine back
- Clean GAS emplacement => check engine back
- Clean GAS system with product

So I think I have a leak or a problem with the EVAP system or valve.

Indeed, I find that I use a lot of gasoline, for example I was half the tank and I've only 140 km.

More I feel the smell of gasoline more or less.

What you advise me?

Thank you

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I think he means the "gas tank" is broken (bad).
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