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I own a Kia Proceed 1.6 diesel VR7 CRDi which is still within the 7 year warranty. I bought the car in 2016 and it was 5 years old and 50,000 miles on the clock. A year ago, a random acceleration fault occurred where no mater what gear I was in, the car would not accelerate past about 2700 revs - always exactly the same point -almost like a limiter - no matter if my foot to the floor. Shortly after the ECM light came on and I took it to Kia where they replaced the EGR valve under warranty. This seemed to fix it (although they never connected one of the rubber pipes back).
One year on, 2018, the same thing start again. Seems to occur when the engine is warmed up. So I took back to Kia. They said they cleared the ECM fault and the issue was resolved. A week later - the fault is back. I took it to Kia again - they say they stripped the EGR out again and could not find fault. They took the car 30 miles for a test. They say the did a master reset. 1 week later driving with the family, the issue arises again. Exactly when I need power but there is only 2700revs again.
My VW golf had an EGR fault after 14 years and 150,000 miles. I was disappointed to find an EGR fault in a Kia after only 5 years old!
Anyone experienced similar issues?
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