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So my Kia Pride is usually extremely reliable, in fact oddly I have a lot of love for it, until today.

For some reason it just wont start. It turns over and there is plenty of fuel, the battery is only about 3 months old and I have checked oil levels.

Before posting on here I did a little online research and a lot of people said they have had problems with this car in the damp/wet weather, which is is at the moment. And the symptoms sound EXACTLY like what I am experiencing at the moment.

A majority of the solutions involve spraying WD40 on certain parts suck as spark plugs etc or to remove spark plugs all together, some even say taking some parts out and drying them out in the oven for 20 minutes!

So, before I start paying a garage an obscene amount for something that could end up being quite simple, here's my question(s)

1. Could someone tell me/post a picture/link to point out where the spark plugs are on this model, or what they look like so that I can locate them?

2. Is there anything else that could have been affected by the damp that would benefit from WD40/drying out etc?

3. Any other suggestions from knowledge/experience?

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