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hi all i am a newbie n was wondering if anyone knew what would bw the best size alloys for my 1994 kia pride lx i was thinking along the line of 13 or 14 or event 15 plz help n advise

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Hi there,
I have recently put alloys on a 1995 Mentor. I went for 16inches with 205/45/16 tyres. Although they look fine I thinks its just abouth the maximum I could have gone. As a pride is a smaller car I'd say 14's. However if you wanted to look flash you would get away with 15's.

Just remeber that increasing your wheel size can effect your gearing, this means your speedo won't read correctly and you could lose acceleration. The way to solve this problem is to choose lower profile tyres to go with larger diametre wheels. A general rule of thumb is if you go up one rim size, decrease one profile size.

When fitting my wheels I found Kia alloys to be expensive. If you wanted to increase your choice you may find it useful to know the other makes that will fit the bolt pattern on your wheels.

I'm sure, like a mentor, your PCD (pitch circle diametre) is 4*100. If so the following cars alloys will fit your pride:

Honda:Civic year 91-95
Civic (95-on)
CRX (93-on)
Mazda: 323 (89-94)
Nissan: Almera GT
Renault: 5 GT Turbo
Clio 16V
21 (4 stud)
Laguna (4 stud)
Rover: 200 (89-95)
200 (95-00)
Seat: Ibiza (93-on)
Cordoba (94-on)
Toyota: Corolla (83-92)
Corolla (92-97)
Corolla (97-on)
MR2 Mk1
Vauxhall: Nova
Astra Mk2
Astra Mk3
Astra Mk4
Cavalier Mk3
Calibra (not turbo/V6)
VW: Polo Mk3
Polo Mk4
Golf Mk1
Golf Mk2
Golf Ralley
Jetta (86-92)
Corrado (not V6)

Hope this has helped - good luck :57:
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