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Hi everyone :D
I live in the UK and have been driving my Kia Picento 1.1 SE for about 3 months now. The problem with the brake is pretty well known according to a quite a few people on this forum. I have the same problem with mine too. The squeaking doesn’t seem to affect the performance of the vehicle and only last for 30secs from starting the ignition. Kia won’t do anything about the car unless it actually affects the vehicle’s performance from what I gathered at the dealership. From what I can guess there is excess resistance between certain moving components that is causing the problem. Maybe the brake pad is sitting too close to the disc and is actually touching a little bit, just enough to create contact but not enough for the driver to register a feel to the car while in motion. It might worth taking the wheel out and having a look at the brakes.

Secondly has anyone considered modifying their Kia Picento? I have an interest in automotive and if anyone is considering it we should get in touch and share our knowledge and experiences. I already have blacked out my windows from a local garage through Kia’s help. I’m considering replace the standard manufacturer air filter with a K&N unit which should make the car breath more efficient. But importantly I like to know how far or little I can modify my car before it affects my warranty. I know I have 3 years, unlimited mileages warranty and 3 years RAC cover. This is standard for any new UK Kia purchases.

I believe there are parts now for the Kia Picento. I order some over the phone yesterday. It is on the Kia website if anyone is interested. Kia is suppose to publish a booklet with all the parts available but I guess the car is still pretty new and they haven’t got round to it. There are the usual parts i.e. roof bars, mud flaps, wind deflectors etc…

I hope that answers everyone questions on the forum. In the UK anyway! ;)
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