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Originally posted by jgotangco@Jan 14 2005, 04:07 PM
no brainer...brand new car..still under di ba?
But since the Kia Picantos are CBU... hmmm.... not unless your problem is simple enough and not related to the ECU or EFI... then you might still have a chance to have it fixed up to original condition...

I had a mitsubishi lancer gti... brought it back to mitsubishi since the car was sucking my pockets dry for fuel, mechanics scratches their heads and says it was fine and nothing was wrong with it. Did a few research and got hold of a guy who specializes in efi and saw that the injectors' timings were way off and had my ecu repaired.

My guess with a CBU unit this early, the mechanics at columbia and probably dealers are still attending night school on crash courses on the kia picanto. :)
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