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WELL I WILL!! (this was how it was 4 me n cbu) reservation can be 25T w/c i then withdrew by the last day of the 2nd month of my long wait and w/c was the agreed date. they pleaded so i left 2T. the ff. week i got my unit! haha!! dnpayment 105T + chattel + insurance. lto free. PSBANK 9. something % sos mine for 12 months therefore 22,3 something.
that should give u an idea.
d agreed was color-keyed but didn't deliver sos i got less 5T + free tint
informative incident while i was parking in ayala. along comes a silver picanto and parked nxt sos we got to talking, as it turns out he was a long wayyyyyy in the waiting list BUT he managed to get a unit 3 weeks ahead of us hmmmmmmmmmmm. paid 350T. black bumper, no matts tints caps just lto free.
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